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Hello, thanks for visiting us! 

As you may notice we are in the middle of a substantial rebuild at the moment.

If you have any feedback or you would like to suggest something or let us know that something isn't working:

However, because we are rebuilding at the moment we have the following deal going on: Membership, and three weekend events for £150.

Membership would usually run from April to April, but this time, whether you pay £25 or £150 it will start from the point you make your payment! 

Thank you!


LARP? Enactment?

What is Live Action Role Play?

This is a hobby that spans both airsoft, murder mystery weekends and re'enactment, combining aspects of all three, yet standing very much on its own.

We run alongside the following organisation:

A setting is created (Which can be of  any genre) and the participants are invited to take on characters from within that setting, be it medieval, pure fantasy, sci fi, modern espionage etc.

Within a safe enviroment, a participant can involve there character in espionage, combat, investigation, exploration etc. They can be a hero or a villian and the setting responds to there actions. (Even silly ones)

Player’s actions affect the story - like a play where the characters can change the plot.

What do WE do?

Forest Argent is an extension of a Not For Profit larp group called WyvernsTales an organisation that has been making and breaking events for around a decade.

Wyvernstales runs small friendly day events and several weekend events a year.

It is worth noting that to make these events happen relies on two things: the constant and fantastic support of people crewing and refereeing, but also membership, for which we charge £25 a year for insurance and a cover charge on events to cover site costs, props etc.   

Over the year we run three systems (with ForestArgent being our current day event system), mostly as people request them.



A selection of worlds, which have come into conjunction through a nebulous area called “The Forest Argent”. Game themes include Exploration, Culture Clash, Trade, Combat and Negotiation




 A celtic fantasy country, beset by enemies, travellers and settlers, where magic is real and life can be short for the foolish. Game themes include Combat, Culture Clash, Horror, War, Negotiations and Exploration.



At the end of the Great Anarchy in England strange mysteries and terrible spectacles are investigated by quite agents. Game themes Investigation, Combat, Murder Mystery, History and Occult Horror.  

 Bespoke Events

However, as well as this, we have events we have written that do not fit into the Above mold or we think people would simply be interesting in playing in their own time and place, and for this, we have the “Bespoke events”.

Events where you choose the dates and places, and we put together for you.

The prices for this service is now down in block amounts, so you ask for the event, stipulating the times, dates, number of players and location and we will stipulate a price that the group needs to cover for the event to go ahead, based on food, admin & site costs.

Example: An event for ten people, at Fort Widley, the price would be £650, split between the ten £65 each, for twenty the price would be £900, making it £45 each

To discuss this, give us a ring on 07852 107 649 or email:

An Ongoing list is provided On This page. (As people book them, they will be removed from here and added to the calendar).

Each and every event we run is driven by you as the participants.

If you would like to ask some questions and stay in touch through social media we have a FaceBook Group that can be found here: WyvernsTales FaceBook 

WyvensTales Membership


WyvernsTales, a friendly and long running club. We have been around for almost a decade & have a huge amount of experience in plot, props etc.

Joining the group has a number of advantages:

First of all you get a £5 discount from day events.

Secondly, you get a £10 discount from weekend events.

Thirdly, we also get discounts from the following: 

Payment for the year is £25 which can be paid either by cash at an event, or you can send it over to paypal:


To make the payments easier, we now provide a "Subscription" service that allows you to create a Standing Order to make payments in advance and keep track of credit provided by crewing: Subscription details

Membership Form

Prices and Booking for Weekends 

For booking an event that is already on the Calendar you can go here: 


But what do you get?

 £60 - A fully insured weekend away with insurance, admin support, plot and a team to make sure that we can provide you with the level of game you want, be it personal plot, or rough and ready combat.

Walk Away weekend: VIP keeping all your kit that we provide you with £250 - First choice of sleeping arrangements, costume, and props, including either a large weapon, such as a spear/musket, to a more basic sword, or healing equipment, etc.

First Time £15
Bring a First Time Friend (Booking together) £15
Crewing Discount £10
Unemployed/Student £10
Club Member (Wyvernstales/Dragon Lore/World Of Alrune) £10

Ten book together, pay for 9!

Maximum discount 50%

Once you have confirmed the price you can pay pal over the amount with a covering email

To make the payments easyer, we now provide a "Subscription" service that allows you to create a Standing Order to make payments in advance and keep track of credit provided by crewing: Subscription details

Party's/Banquets/Battle Days/Etc

Every month, in conjunction with Wyvernstales, on the first Sunday of the month, we run a day event. Each event is put of the vote the month before, and we decide beforehand and update the callender.

The events are cheap chearful and good for new people.

Cost is £10 for Non Wyvernstales Members, £5 for Members and free to crew/first time.

Day Event Booking 

In addition Crewing gets you £5 crewing credit to put to other events. 

We are also experianced at putting together single day events, ranging from

Partys: Mad Hatters Tea Party's, Sci Fi "Cantina", Viking tavern nights, etc.

Banquets: Medieval foods, Egyptian Nights, etc.

Battle Days: Go out to the woods with a theme, some weapons, and do everything from battle games, capture the flag, training, etc.  

We are always open to new idea's, so if you have something that you really want to do, give us an email on:

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