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Wyverns Diary

Update - 12/07/17

Posted by Gideon on July 12, 2017 at 5:20 PM

So my fine buckaroos,

We have a number of exciting things coming up.

1 - The Exeter day event! Off to crusade, for... you know... missing people! Still trying to get folk to confirm playing or crewing, so if you are coming could you do that ASAP! Thank you!

2 - The August event is coming up, with lots of things in the pipeline its almost time to delve into the darkness of Melnisia to see what trouble varios slaves have got into facing down the house that they served...

3 - The September weekender is coming up quickly on its heals, so I am looking forward to heading back to the Gate, for one last attempt to bring some kind of calmness to the swirling mire that was once King Ruperts Kingdom and is now a broken vestige of surviving duchies. The King is dead... long live the....?

While we are all looking forward to the events, I have a question, when your looking at kit for your characters, in what order do you consider things?

For me, its:

 - Costume

 - Props

 - Weapons

Costume and props flesh out the character, weapons can always be borrowed from the club.

What are your thoughts?

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