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Coel Garvey: Isambard Wesson (Lorien) 46+37/-20

Ky: Captain Grey (Lorian) Group: Furious Penetrator "Lord Captain" 25 +9/-7

James Embleton: Verris Harle (Melnisian) Group: Iron Rose 24 +12/-3 "Legate IronWood"

Matthew Bungey: Pan Galchobhar (Gate) 22 +19

Ryan: Thuric (Gate) Group: Dwares 22 +16/-3 "Thane"

Beth: Joyce Lillie (Lorian) 21 +10/-3 Group: Warband "Jarl"

Millie: Missy (Lorian) 20+35/-16

Laura Pearson: Tempest (Gate) Group: Grateful Receiver 20 +10

Christopher Smart: Darius Kane (Lorian) Group: Furious Penetrator 18 +19/-9

Stevie: Arlan (Crusade) 18 +13

Kath: Sasha (Gate) 18 +17

Gareth: Octavious Wheel (Gate) 17 +17/-1 "Puppy Killer"

Anneliese Travis: Vieryn (Melnisian) Group: Furious Penetrator 17 +26/-9 "Head of the House of Counting Shadows" "The Torn Loyalty"

Laura: Esme Croft (Lorian) 16 +12

ky: Lamb (Gate) 16 +9

Millie: Bridget ‘’Lucky’’ Von Faust (Lorien) Group: IronRose 15 +14/-5

Alfie: Magnum (Gate) 14 +8/-9 "Heir to the Red Sunset"

David Cowley: Alexander Gold (Lorian) 12 +11

Ky: Shako (Sann) 10

Mike Minns: Honir son of Othin (Gate) Group: Dwarfes 10 +8

Imogen Harker: Clara (Lorian) 9 +5

Sam Shelley: Fortune (Gate) 9 +8 "The Unheaded"

Alfie: Malzahar (Melnisian) 8 +8/-1 "Not V'Jel"

James Embleton: Freddy (Crusade) Group: The Wall 8 +4

Gideon: Po Hun (Sann) 8 +7

Tracy Crabb: Louvenia Bittersweet (Gate) 8 +7

Dominic Taggart: V'Jel (Melnisian) 8 +27/-30 "Impudent Pup" "Emporer" "Maze Runner"

Kath: Esther Miller (Crusade) 8 +7

Oliver McLaren-Roberts: Jonathan Shanks (Lorian) 8 +7

Coel: Grombrindal Grofslitna (Gate) Group: Dwarfes 8 +6

Draco: Brown Beard (Gate) 7 +10/-4 "CannonBallz"

Patrick Stark: Johan Novak (Lorian) 7 +7/-1

Hansell: Bob Basic (Gate) 7 +11/-6 "Reliable"

Gideon: Leon De Montfort (Crusade) Group: The Wall 7 +3

Sean Ashcroft: Sorio (Crusade) 7 +6

Gareth: Pilgrim (Crusade) 7 +6/-1 Group: Warband "The Righteous Zealot"

Gareth: Grumio (Crusade) Group: Order of the Spoon 6+7/-6 "Big Spoon" "Enemy of Jagger" "Comrad"

Gareth: Albert Henge (Gate) 6 +11/-5

Florence Warren: Charlie (Gate) 6 +5 "Storm Widow"

Millie: Elizabeth Scarlett (Lorian) "Captain" 6 +5

Dave: Greye (Crusade) 6 +6/-1 "Provost"

Amy Brutnell: Auraya Dreamweaver (Gate) 6 +4/-2

Laura Pearson: Patient 27 (Gate) Group: Warband 5 +3

Laura Pearson: Uriel Lamora (Lorian) 5

Kaylee: Pandora (Gate) 5 +4

Joe Barnet: Kaulder (Crusade) Group: Warband 5 +3

Millie: Gwenevere (Crusade) Group: Warband 5 +3

James: Father Corvic (Gate) 5 +4

Hansel: Percy of the Thistles (Crusade) 5 +4 "The Watchtower"

Scotty: Olivander (Gate) 5 +4

Kyle: Dolgrin Myrkrol (Gate) Group: Dwarfes 5 +4/-1

James: Edward Bates (Lorian) 5 +4

Sonny: Minau 4 +3

Paul Bayliss: Uno (Gate) 4 +3

Gareth: Tobasco Jones (Lorian) 4 +2/-1 "Maze Runner"

Trevor: Fink (Lorian) 4 +3

Redecca: Daisy (Gate) 4 +3

Oliver Mclaren-Roberts: Cnut (Crusader) Group: Warband 4 +3/-1

Dave: Gov (Lorian) Group: Crew O' the Black Rose 4 +1

Gideon: Thomas (Crusade) 4 +3

Natasha: Crystal Hilltopple (Gate) Group: Order of the Spoon 4 +2

Sam: Grim (Sann) 4 +4/-1

Alice: Raven (Melnisian) Group: Iron Rose 4 +2 

Sonny Bigwood: Xelatoth (Gate) 3

Mike Minns: Hektor Van Kwisher (Gate) 3 +4/-2

Adam: T'laxl (Gate) 3 +1

Joe Barnet: Julian Von Faust (Lorian) 3 +3/-2

Mazda: Ferret (Gate) 3 +2 "Maze Runner"

Imogen Harker: Zanna (Gate) 3 +2

Hansel: John Zumbi (Gate) 3 +2

Emily: Lady Shadow Weaver (Melnisian) 3 +2

Coel: G’haun (Melnisian) 3

Ryan: Gareth Hemwick (Lorian) 3 +2

Joe: Lucius (Gate) 3 +4/-1

Fay: Fagin O'Neale (Lorian) Group: Crew O' the Black Rose 3 +1

Dominic Taggart: Matis (Crusader) 3 +2

James Embleton: Reva Stormbringer (Gate) 3 +2

Ky: Greasy (Gate) Group: Order of the Spoon 2 +2/-2

Sonny: Xelatoth (Gate) 2 +1 "Maze Runner"

Christopher Smart: Black (Melnisian) 2 +1

Florence Warren: Cerise Du Voir (Melnisian) 2 +1

William Bayliss: Gala (Sann) 2 +2

Vincent: Gut (Melnisian) 2 +1

Rein: Moarn (Melnisian) Group: Furious Penetrator 2

Yasmijin Kok: Avana (Melnisian) Group: Furious Penetrator 2

Sean: Cador (Gate) 2 +1

Rob: Ezekial Volaris (Crusade) 2 +1

Andy: Rowan (Lorian) 2 +1

Tony: Toddy (Lorian) Group: Crew O' the Black Rose 2

Bryan: Stanly Stanington (Lorian) 2 +1

Russel: Harlan (Gate) 2+1

Will: Dayton Pyre (Crusade) Group: Order of the Spoon 1 +1/-2 "Traitor"

Hansel: Cato Markus (Crusade) 1

Mark: Tarquin (Gate) 1

Tim Chapman: Jesse Custer (Gate) 1

James Embleton: Dr Francis Newton Stein (Lorien) 1

Beth Joyce: Billy Bob (Gate) 1

Imogen Harker: Billy Bob (2) (Gate) 1

Max Thomas: Ilyac Stromsgard (Melnisian) 1

Gideon: Mow Sing Ho (Sann) 1

Katharina: Tamaris (Gate) 1

Sam Shelley: Click (Lorian) 1

Gideon: Malachi (Melnisian) 1 +2/-2

Luke Griffin: Fang (Gate) 1 +2/-2

Ryan: Nic Nak (Gate) 1

Kyle Reid: The Solitaire (Melnisian) 0 +2/-5 "Bolshevik" "The Imposter"

Simon Piercy: Grarg (Melnisian) 0

Patrick Stark: Caliban (Melnisian) 0

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Just a quick reminder, the above is probably several events out of date: if you haven't already you may wish to use the DownTime form to let me know what your doing?

Or you can email me at


If you want to chat rp then Wednesday evening is the evening for chatting larp. I am on fb and skype.

November 23, 2014 at 2:49 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hello, I'm still not on here. Can you add me please.

November 26, 2014 at 7:10 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Understood, I shall update asap.

November 26, 2014 at 2:14 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Could you confirm that is correct Sara?

November 28, 2014 at 7:00 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Posts: 57

Thought it was 6, but no probs with this at all. :D

November 29, 2014 at 8:58 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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No problem, this is now updated!

November 29, 2014 at 11:53 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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im not up there, unsurpisingly tbh im still working out the full use of SR, but i belive im either rank 6 or 7 after the last event.

December 3, 2014 at 5:58 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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On it.

December 4, 2014 at 8:22 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

A couple of things, Medicci Rex has lost another HomeStead.

However, I am currently doing DownTime and just to let you know:

The banner of blue with its two joined rings has assaulted accross a the Christian Kingdom, sending the forces of King Rupert to dig in to there cities and sweeping the Barons forces back to there castles.

Also, there has been an assault by mercenaries on a Tavern on the human side of Gate called "The Black Dog" burning it badly and stealing a number of things.

December 11, 2014 at 2:21 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Updated again.

December 16, 2014 at 3:46 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Wolfe Head Hunt Social Rank Update is up

February 22, 2015 at 2:33 PM Flag Quote & Reply

James Embleton
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I dont believe my characters are up on here, Krieg should be S.R: 1 and Verris S.R: 5 unless either of them were increased or decreased after the events i played them in


Verris Harle: Legate Ironwood: Mercenary Melnisian with a forte for unnecessary violence and is definitely not Verris at all... nope

Lazarus: Minorly renowned thug, mercenary and hater of slavery. Now with guns!

Doctor Francis Newton Stein: Just a chap with medical skills... who runs an asylum.

February 26, 2015 at 7:05 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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So... You want your social rank included!?? Well let me tell you sonny boy this aint that sort of system!! (Sorry, I'll get it sorted ASAP!)
February 28, 2015 at 4:51 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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There you go!

March 2, 2015 at 2:36 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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New Social Rank is up!

March 22, 2015 at 1:32 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Up to date?

May 13, 2015 at 5:31 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Social update, as I know it after the event is up

June 3, 2015 at 6:17 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Social Update.

Also, constabulary have arrived at every property named by Prof. Gordon B Bedford to hold in abayance until his court case can be heard.

He has also been removed from his position for the moment until this can be resolved. 


June 24, 2015 at 5:21 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Social Rank once again updated.

If this is incorrect in any way, please let me know.

July 18, 2015 at 6:36 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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