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James Embleton
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Various letters and flyers as well as word of mouth go around:

"Dear those with things to sell,

I am currently in the market for better equipment. Currently bullets compatible with rifles are a must as well as other things such as swords, armour or buildings.

I am very happy to discuss prices or offer my own services in exchange. Please do write to me at the below address.

Kind regards,


(Written below is an address within Montaine)


Verris Harle: Legate Ironwood: Mercenary Melnisian with a forte for unnecessary violence and is definitely not Verris at all... nope

Lazarus: Minorly renowned thug, mercenary and hater of slavery. Now with guns!

Doctor Francis Newton Stein: Just a chap with medical skills... who runs an asylum.

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A letter arrives at the address listed. Hello Lazarus (or should I be writing "your majesty?) We met some time ago, I have recently returned to Loria and believe I may he able to help you in terms of supplying ammunition for your rifle. In terms of payment, if you have any black powder that would be most appreciated. Failing that I accept gold. Regards B. Von Faust 21.B (above bakery) Copperway front Luxshire Avalon
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