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Right a few things:

1 - Where are you going?

Huntley Wood, Coneygreaves Cheadle, Staffordshire, ST10 2NS

2 - Sleeping inside: we have had about 10 people get in touch now, some of whom have asked, some of whom have assumed, they are sleeping inside.

Be aware that this is simply two attached halls, IC things may be happening at any time.

3 - Be aware of the weather it looks to be rather wet.

4 - We will be doing a full weapons check for this event: even if you think its fine, get it checked.

5 - We will also be doing a full safety and game brief. Attendance is mandatory without prior permission or you will not be taking part.

6 - Crew is small, we may ask for volunteers if players go off to do something and your character might not be interested.

7 - TODAY is your last day to get magic and downtimes to me. TODAY. Tonight Or I might not be able to sort them for you.

8 - We will be adding to this post with the details of the entrance code when we have it. Please enjoy

9 - Any other questions at this point should probably be addressed by phone. If you want anything from the shop particularly. My number is 07852107649


Enjoy! And I will see you fine people soon!


(PS: If you have paid for the event and not got some personal plot, please let me know, I'll get that to you ASAP)

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