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FatesDawn - Basics



FatesDawn is a game based around culture shock with an Iron Age premise. It was originally meant to be a fantasy version of the Celts (Fenn) first introduction to the Romans (Arkans). However over the years it has grown to include the Vik (a version of both Saxons and Vikings) raiders from the north at war with the Arkans on the main continent and the Mourne (based on an amalgamation of various Siedhe stories, general fairy stories and my imagination).

So now we have a country that is directly affected by the player’s decisions using a Social System that gives the players direct control over other player’s (and background characters) social standing and a combat system that is brutal and supports players working together,

The game also has an overarching story line designed to touch upon every player equally.


Recent Game History

Four years ago the Fenn lords of the South and North went to war over the handling of the Arkans landing in the South.

Three years ago the Northern Fenn Lords released a plague that decimated Fenrik. This lead to entire villages being wiped out, thousands of people dead.

Two years ago in a desperate attempt to stop the (obviously insane) leader of the Northern Lords becoming King, a group of Fenn Druids shattered the King Stone (a magical item that allows the Spirits to bless the King; without standing on it to be crowned, a King’s claim is null and void). This had the terrible effect of leaving the Fenn leaderless and sent shockwaves round the world. Leaders suddenly wobbled or fell, countries where thrown into confusion.

One year ago in a terrible fight Bentic the only surviving Southern Lord of the Fenn was killed and then resurrected by black magic.

At the same time The Sun King, a fanatical Mourne, was roused from Death to make war on man. Between his warbands and Bentic’s hordes the country reels. 

Since then Bentic has died, and the north is in flames.

No one knows what the next few years bring, but at least Bentic and his Lord Wyrde Roac have been brought down. 

However, the flames in the North grow brighter and there is no rumour of the Sun Kings death. 




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