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16/08/2017 - Update

Posted by Gideon on August 16, 2017 at 11:40 AM

Afternoon Readers,

Its the middle of the week and its time for the update.

 - So, we have a day event coming up on Saturday. We could still do with a few more crew if anyone is about. Its going to be an event about finding smugglers and collecting information, more crew would be helpful.

 - We have the September weekend event coming up! Again, more crew would be grand, because its going to be both heavy politics, and heavy combat.

Additional stuff

 - The EGM, we are calling a meeting to discuss how we will be charging for events etc. The club is doing alright, but with rising costs of sites and other running costs, we may have to look at putting the prices up a bit. By the end of the day, a formal email should be on its way to you with a structure of what we are discussing and giving you the chance to contribute if you are a member who can't attend.

 - I have been planning an overhaul of the website, it is not giving us the fresh face that the club needs at the moment. If you have any suggestions etc. then please let me know!

I hope your having a great week people, I am having a fab time planning and plot writing especially after the last weekend event!

So, here is this weeks brain teaser, if you were to have one sentance to describe the club for a feedback page: what would it be?

See you soon folks!

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