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01/11/2017 - Update

Posted by Gideon on November 1, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Good Day You Glorious Folk!

Thank you for joining us for this weeks round up.

This weekend of course is James Embletons first crack at reffing, if you are coming and you haven't told him: do the thing!

Then on the third saturday, Ryan will be running his first day event. We could use both players and crew!

March is coming swiftly! Get booking people!

There is one thing that I would like to address: when getting feedback from one of our crew, it was pointed out that one of the reasons that people don't crew is that it is felt that certain players don't take their hits.

Crew vollunteer their time and energy to make sure that people are having the best game possible, if they feel that they are waisting their time by not threatening the party in combats, or being ignored etc. then they will not vollunteer that time.

Crew must have a good time as well, entertaining the players, selling blows, adding patheos etc. Or they will not vollunteer and the games will fall apart.

So... if you find yourself ALWAYS standing on your own in EVERY combat, perhaps you might start to question if you are taking your hits properly.

Sorry for the heavy comments, they are details on the backdrop of some AWESOME events. So I am well pleased with how things are going!

See you soon you wonderful people!


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