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Hey guys, one of the things that has come out of the proactive plot conversation is a side point about Aegis particularly & the rules generally. Now, quite separately I have three different lines of comment: A- guns are to hard. They make the llorians (& gate to a certain extent) to hard & should be banned/nerfed B- aegis is to hard the "Mary Sue" of the system & needs to be banned/nerfed. C- healing (& skill checks generally) are to easy & need to be made harder. Thoughts?
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This post was put on fb as well & so far, it seems that the most vocal group wants "weird" magic stripped out & the guns gone.
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Basically: they want back to sword & sorcery. No weirdness & no guns. So far, this vocal majority is two people, neither of whom are members but steady crew. Any other thoughts?
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{Advance warning - long post}

Re: Bead Pulls

Yep – to some degree bead pulls are “easy” ~ On the face of it you’ve got a 60% chance of success, and only a 10% chance of dire failure.

Once re-pulls come into the equation though, assuming you only re-pull on a black bead a single re-pull changes the odds of a black bead to only 1%. Having two re-pulls turns that into 0.1%. Odds are you’ll “triple black” eventually, but it’ll be a long time coming!

I guess it depends on how often we want players to die.

I’m fine with character death being a rare thing (indeed, as far as I know I think I’m the only person to have the honour thus far).

But I kinda like the idea of some sort of enduring penalty to someone who gets too hurt too often.

Off the top of my head suggestion:

Change the rules for a Red Bead pull on surgery.

A Red Bead now means the character is carrying some ongoing long term effects from his injury: The player can pick any one bead in their bead bag, and swaps it for one that’s one step worse. They have to have at least one bead of each colour.

So the more injuries a character builds up, the more chance they’ll have of failing bead pulls and, eventually, of dying.

It adds a (probably unnecessary) complication to a rule system we’ve generally tried to keep streamlined and it’s fiddly because it really does mean each player has to have their own bead bag and that extra beads will have to be available during event to facilitate changing the odds around. But it does mean PCs will have an increased risk of death in the long term, without making a massive difference in the sort term.

Alternatively change re-pulls to only useable 1/day rather than 1/encounter.

Has the advantage of simplicity, but de-values the re-pull skills significantly and will probably up the fatality rate fairly significantly.

Or, maybe, go with some kind of “only 1 re-pull allowed” rule.

So if you’re hurt you can either benefit from Life Saver or an Armour re-pull or It-ain’t-over or a Master Worked medical kit. But you can’t have all 4 apply.


I kind of agree that Magic and Guns are a bit too good, at least compared with some armour and a sword.

Ideally, in my own opinion, I’d be looking to put together some sort of “paper / scissors / stone” situation.

Say Guns are really good against Wizards.

Wizards are really good against blokes in heavy armour with big hitty sticks.

People in heavy armour with big hitty sticks are good against Guns.

With some limits in place that mean any given person can only do one of these three things.

Again off the top of my head but how about:

Guns never do “through” damage, armour that grants 4 or more hits offers complete protection against bullets – they don’t even damage the armour.

Guns (and other “high tech”) need delicate handling – anyone wearing armour that grants 4 or more hits can not manage this and so can not use these gadgets.

Guns & other high tech react badly to magic and simply fail if carried by a spell caster.

Characters can not cast magic if wearing armour that grants 4 or more hits.

Aegis spells can not protect against Guns or similar “high tech” weapons.


I don’t think there’s much problem with 1 shot guns, or even with the Nerf 6 shooters.

But when you start looking at things with higher rates of fire that’s where the trouble seems to arise.

Limiting ammo may work, I suppose ~ require a bead pull after any encounter in which the weapon is used: White =fine, Blue = enough for 1 more encounter, Red = Out, Black = out and the weapon’s broken. Maybe?

Extra Ammo then becomes an equipment pick allowing a re-load or a re-pull or something?


As to getting rid of guns and froopy spells entirely – I think that would reduce the variety of the system – the feel of clashing cultures where different people are using different tools.

Yes, a game without either is quite possible.

But I think it would not be Forest Argent.



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