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The Lord of the Stygian Bull kneels with his hands before him. Awaiting the judgement of the First with calm consideration.

However, when Lord Kami arrives he is alone, no other Lord accompanies him or makes his own way.

Eventually they hear that Lord Was has been killed by bandits on his way to the hearing. Moreover, the Clan of the Stygian Bull has rallied itself and surged to the aid of the clans, armed only with spears, sticks, bows etc. They have faced and defeated a far larger force from the Vale of the urMade.

In the light of this, Lord Kami puts it to the First that rather than killing the Lord or allowing him to kill himself, they give him the Black Headband of the convicted and allow him to lead his clan against enemy forces from the Vale until his death is honorably dealt to him.

Away in the half finished monastry a Weytin Monk smiles and awaits for his allies to come and collect there reward, be it a resource he has available or a question he can call from the spirits to help them provide answers.

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