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Sorry if it's a bit of an odd question, but it randomly occured to me the other day that this is something I don't think we've touched on before: Is there (should there be) any kind of requirement to carry props that represent the character's Resources?

How big / heavy should "a resource" be?

Is 1 unit of stone something the size of a pebble or a brick?

Is 1 unit if wood a matchstick, a plank or something else?

How much tat should a character who owns and carries around 50 assorted resources actually be lugging around a wood?



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There is always a requirement to carry at least a token, something repressentative. Partly because how much resource you gamble on taking with you into the woods has an effect on how much you are putting aside for Social Rank etc.

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I am all for this, however i keep losing them in real life so be prepared for me to whine like how i keep spliting bead bags.

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