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This is the current state of play for damage calls, these are the rules we are currently playing with, let me know your thoughts.

Push Back - you take three steps backwards, or are pushed into the nearest hard object (even if that is the back): This represents the character being hit with a strong strike that moves people about.

Knock Down - Throws you on the floor: A large weapon with enough force to push you to the floor rather than just backwards.

Through - Goes through armour (but does not damage it): Reflects a slim blade being used by a person with enough skill to find holes in armour

Poison - This, if it wounds the person (goes through armour) counts as an imediate red bead. On top of this, the poison counts as an extra level of damage in regards to attempting to regenerate, also, notably you cannot rest while poisoned, as this counts as being wounded..

Shattering - This breaks the first thing it hits, if that is a shield or armour, it is useless, if it is a weapon, it breaks, etc. If it is the actual person they need surgery no matter where they are hit: This reflects an item hitting with such force that it breaks the item it hits at the point of impact.

Strike - This simply puts you into surgery no matter where it hits you, or what armour you are wearing and knocks you over: This is to represent an engulfing wave of force, such as an explosion etc.


This will heal 1 hit. No matter the nature. So if you are hit on the arm and the leg, you can heal the arm OR the leg. If you are hit however with a strike, you can regenate that as it is one hit.

For the purpose of regeneration poison counts as an extra thing to regenerate.

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I think I'd like to see something that's not as devastating as a Shatter, but is still a "big bad news!" weapon blow.

I realise you hate Damage Grade calls, but something along the lines of "Critical Hit - inflicts 3 points of damage".


At the moment, if I have a spell that lets me add "any damage call" to my weapon blows, Strike seems to be the way to do it by a clear margin :)


Regeneration: 1 hit seems a bit weak, but also "all your hits" could be too strong?

Maybe something akin to 1 hit every 10 seconds of inactivity ~ so it's possible to just lie still and recover slowly (with attendent risk of being murderised while laying on the floor) or get up swifly and not have all your HP's back?



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Hmm, I thought knock down bridged that gap. On fact, I thought it went: push back (moves you around, good for crowd control or loosening a press), knock down (and mob him, he's on the floor), (through & poison come in about here, but they are wild cards), strike (hit by an explosion, need surgery, but at least my armour is alright), shatter (I break your things, then I break your other things, then I do a strike on you). I think your missing the point, regenerate is a tool about timing: it might just give you a leg back in an emergency, but it might get you straight back up after a strike call: because it's still just one hit...
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Let's say I have Chain Mail and Tough as Nails.

Normally it's going to take, what 8 weapon blows to put me down...

Shatter breaks my armour, reducing it to zero hits.

I'm still up, on my feet and fighting.

A second Shatter drops me and means I need Surgery.

But a single blow from a weapon doing Strike puts me down and means I need Surgery. Okay, so my armour doesn't need fixing at the end of the fight, but equally it hasn't saved me from defeat.

Situationally Shatter is nastier, because you can use it to take out shields, spears etc before hitting your foe.

But in terms of the number of blows you need to land: Strike wins.

Yes, I had missed the distinction on Regen.

I'd tweak the wording so that it's more clear that Regenerating applies to one individual Weapon Blow / Attack: So that somoene with Tough as Nails effectively still regains their bonus 3 hit points if they are done over by a single Shatter attack.

I think that does create a good balance.



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Hmm, this is going to be difficult, becuase I'm trying to make it so that calls are "useful" rather than, "hard" or "harder". 

From my perspective a shattering blow takes a person apart and means that they are less dangerouse even if they have regen. Where as a Strike wont get through a sencible person with a decent shield's (though it would still knock him down) defence. 

The difficulty I have is trying to balance the damage not so that its "better" (or at least not much) but that it has different usefulness's in different situations.

I will tweak the wording on regen. 

(Please note, in your situation, a bow man with "through" is the most dangerouse, or even worse: a rifle and the character has Weapon Skill twice, they can slap through your armour and at the very least start maiming you before you get near them. That being the point, trying to get the balance right so that the different weapons and tactics are useful in different situations)

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Hi guys 

Strike as a call is too complicated, it goes through your armour, technically kills you as well puts you down and knocks you down.  So i do believe this needs to be looked at still as in combat it can be diffcult to to remember. With a number of other calls as well. also tricky to implment in a close combat melee in a confined space such as fort widley i hear. i had to stop and ask what this did and did it go through armour or something 

changing the call to include through in it may make it clearer though. so we have through strike all of a sudden i now know that went through armour. Powerful shouts need more words.

Shatter as a call is also powerfull and nasty hence why i use it (not because i am rubbish in fighting nono well i am). So i think there should be a difference in shatter and shattering. As one is magic based and one is brute strength based. shatter being magic based does not have all the benefits maybe and just breaks the items, shattering on the other hand has all the benefits. These are just my thoughts on those two. 

just my two pence worth, what ever is decided it needs to be consistant. 


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