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Andy C (spsblue)
Posts: 16

After waiting to ensure the Sann gate closed, Kaji Hikaru and Shiraishi Setsuna discussed the political situation in Sann and resolved that they needed to inform the Shogun of several uncomfortable truths. As a first step to ths, Kaji suggested heading for the land of the Black Scorpion as the new Daimio who had just succeeded his father had seemed a most honourable bushi.

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Andy C (spsblue)
Posts: 16

"What more can you tell me Setsuna-san about the excursion you undertook whilst I was recovering from my... unfortunate allergic reaction?"

[20:20:28] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Are there things they did which will harm out case that I should know about? Their culture seems so very different."

[20:20:53] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "It is not as if study of the unmade is encouraged... far from it."

[20:25:57] Ali Green: "For all their differences, their actions in the UrVale were largely as hoped. They aided in defeating the four of the Blood Honour, and helped in the release of the prisoners"

[20:27:01] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "The Black Scorpion have thanked them for that, and thus there is no debt owed."

[20:31:26] Ali Green: "We know how the Black Scorpion have taken this news, but we don't know about the other clans yet"

[20:31:42] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "True."

[20:32:02] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I don't know how we can plan further without knowing to be honest."

[20:33:02] Ali Green: I think we need a list of all the people and organisations we know, and their current situation and attitude

[20:33:37] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I thought I heard that several clans were fighting the Melnissians at the inciting of the Abbott, What was their clan name 'purloined coin' I believe."

[20:34:46] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "He explained that it was a strategic move to remove both the Black Hawk and the Purloined Coin from the political situation

[20:36:13] Ali Green: "Yes, that's my understanding of the situation, how that will turn out is hard to tell"

[20:36:15] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I am sure many of the other clans now have feuds against the Melissians - if they are informed enough to not draw the character with one sweap of the brush as unmade."

[20:36:34] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "It is that I fear"

[20:36:53] Ali Green: "Melnissians seem to be rather against all other worlds"

[20:37:16] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Indeed. Hopefully that will help with unity"

[20:37:50] Ali Green: "I have been worried that conflict between Made and Unmade would bring all Unmade together"

[20:38:20] Ali Green: "Well, at least fighting Melnissia would minimize that"

[20:38:48] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): Kaji nods

[20:39:35] Ali Green: "Crusaders, Lorians, and Gate all have their own differences that could impede any alliance between them, but those places would likely have the most chance of working together."

[20:39:48] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "They are very knowledgable about their own devisions but treat all clans as a single clan called Sann. They will be judging our entire race by the actions of the ones they encounter.

[20:41:17] Ali Green: "Yes... that sounds familiar"

[20:42:43] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I think that will be the key to our argument. As we have different clans so do the unmade. It is important that blame is deposited in the correct clan's hands."

[20:44:47] Ali Green: "Yes. Gate and Crusade mostly seem to prefer to avoid contact, but Melnisia and Loria are more likely to have people actively seek out people from outside of their world."

[20:45:55] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "How do we present this knowledge to the shogun without being exiled to the urvale?"

[20:48:11] Ali Green: "That's the tricky part"

[20:48:45] Ali Green: "Well, we need to convince him that he needs someone who knows what's going on in those worlds"

[20:49:09] Ali Green: "The Cog Hand still need to be brought to justice for their crimes"

[20:49:25] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "If we can get ourselves assigned that mission - one we are essentially already doing."

[20:49:49] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "The cog hand? I'm not familiar with that clan. Are they Lorian?"

[20:51:31] Ali Green: "They are a band of mercenaries, not entirely unlike ronin."

[20:52:23] Ali Green: "Ronin have a reputation for turning to dirty work for coin, and well, some things do stay the same in their culture it seems"

[20:53:17] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I see"

[20:54:02] Ali Green: "They started capturing people for strange experiments, and somehow, managed to abduct and experiment on a Sarris."

[20:54:47] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I believe I encountered one. Lightning corrupted?"

[20:55:18] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "The ones we had the Black Scorpion return the bodies of to their clans"

[20:59:22] Ali Green: "That may have been it, experiements with the power of lightning seem to mostly come from Loria"

[21:02:22] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Hmm." Kaji then lapses into silence for a bit.

[21:03:10] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Let us see if we can find any Black Scorpions as our first point of call."

[21:08:42] Ali Green: "Yes, I agree"

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Andy C (spsblue)
Posts: 16

After a long walk through the day, you see the banners of the black scorpion twitching in the wind ahead of you. Soon enough you see the sharp eyes of the harrib staring at you from the long grass...

[21:19:56] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): Kaji stops and bows in the direction of the first set of eyes that he spots.

[21:20:23] Ali Green: Setsuna also bows to the first person she sees.

[21:21:29] Gideon Lawrence: They stroll from the long grass... bowing to you deeply. "Most honoured boshi may we bring you to our lord?"

[21:22:35] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I am Hikaru Kaji of the Salamandar clan, and I would speak with the lord of the Black Scorpions if he will receive me."

[21:24:58] Ali Green: "I am Shiraishi Setsuna of the Pale Viper clan, and I also would wish to speak with the Lord of the Black Scorpions if he would agree to do so."

[21:26:26] Gideon Lawrence: They bow & take you into the camp, announcing you & you must wait while a beutiful chair is brought out. Then there lord approaches, bows deeply to you & sits.

[21:28:49] Ali Green: Setsuna bows to the Lord

[21:29:09] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): OOC: Gideon is it the same man we recognise from the event (played by Tom)

[21:29:15] Gideon Lawrence: Yes

[21:29:56] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): Kaji also bows to the Lord. "Thank you for receiving us. It is an honour to meet with you once again."

[21:30:58] Gideon Lawrence: "It is an honour to a man to look upon the wise & the brave. Have you eaten? Drunk?"

[21:32:03] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Not yet my Lord, we have only recently left the area around the portal."

[21:32:41] Gideon Lawrence: Food is brought for you & drinks.

[21:32:45] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "It has been sealed for now, as the area immediately on the otherside has become overrun."

[21:33:30] Gideon Lawrence: "That is good to know. It is a sadness to me to be forced to sell lives for an unwished peace"

[21:35:37] Ali Green: "It likely won't last. The forest tends to find a way. It seems to have it's own sense of planning and intention with when and where the portals appear."

[21:37:17] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I take it that the Shogun has been victorious in the battles against the unmade known as the purloined coin?"

[21:37:46] Gideon Lawrence: "Perhaps the shogun is correct in his conjecture"

[21:38:24] Gideon Lawrence: "The lord shogun has vouchased it a victory"

[21:38:57] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Please enlighten me my lord. The Shogun is very wise, to which of his musings do you refer?"

[21:39:51] Gideon Lawrence: "That the unMade are most dangerous & should be tackled with absolout conviction of the blade"

[21:40:19] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "To which clans amongst the Unmade does he refer?"

[21:42:08] Gideon Lawrence: The lord smiles slightly. "Surely you are aware? All the unMade are merely the unMade. Our lord shogun believes that the great war the creators put us here for pertains to the unMade"

[21:43:35] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Hmm. So all Sann are merely the Sann, We were all Made and therefore all think the same?"

[21:44:16] Ali Green: "Among themselves, the unMade are not currently united, and are a variety of groups who often conflict with each other."

[21:45:45] Gideon Lawrence: "Yes i am aware of that. The shoguns position is that the Made where created to be soldiers under one leader. He holds he is that leader. Armies are not led by commity"

[21:47:08] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "That is correct. He is the Shogun, if this is the War. I would not like to see us wasting lives on multiple fronts if only specific clans have offended us."

[21:47:51] Ali Green: "Of the various worlds of unMade, Melnissia would certainly appear to me to be the one least likely to unite with another world against a common enemy."

[21:49:04] Gideon Lawrence: "The existence of the unMade is offence enough to our lord shogun. It seems you have... doubts...?"

[21:51:45] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I have seen many differences amongst them. Whilst I believe the Melnissians may indeed be the scourge we were created to fight the other clans appear much more united against them than against us."

[21:54:46] Ali Green: "However... aside from us and Melnissia, there are three other worlds we've seen. They are Gate, Loria, and the Crusades"

[21:55:46] Ali Green: "Each of which is populated by humans, and these human civilisations are not united."

[21:56:17] Ali Green: "However, war against them could unite them against us."

[21:56:43] Ali Green: "That is the possibility that I have been afraid of."

[21:56:52] Gideon Lawrence: "I have met them. It may be that i also have my doubts. However what fools stands before the storm?"

[21:58:23] Ali Green: "I suspect that the Shogun understimates the sheer number of people he intends to go to war with."

[22:00:10] Gideon Lawrence: "I do not second guess the thinking of a shogun. Be he mine or anothers. I ask only: if one stands before the storm what sureties are there of survival? Why risk wrath unlooked for?"

[22:01:00] Ali Green: "I do not know what the Shogun would hope to achieve."

[22:02:00] Gideon Lawrence: "His destiny. We where created for this war is his belief. He seeks to fulfil the duty the creator put upon us"

[22:10:50] Ali Green: "Then I do not expect there to be anything that could convince him otherwise."

[22:13:03] Gideon Lawrence: "It is not meet for a sarris to accept that they are wrong"

[22:15:54] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Perhaps we should try and ensure that all the battles through the portals are directed at Melnissia rather than trying to convince the Shogun that there are good unmade. Perhaps he could be advised that Melnissia is a better place to attack first?"

[22:17:41] Ali Green: "That still leaves the issue of the Cog Hand"

[22:18:33] Gideon Lawrence: "I believe that after the recent assault by these "melnisian" that would not be to difficult"

[22:18:36] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Perhaps we should encourage the boshi of Lorian to punish them and kill any on our land which would be following the Shogun's wishes"

[22:18:43] Gideon Lawrence: "The what?"

[22:20:01] Ali Green: "The Cog Hand are a group of Lorians who have actively abducted and experimented on Sarris."

[22:20:23] Gideon Lawrence: ".... they are not dead?

[22:20:50] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "The group is large, the ones we caught are dead"

[22:22:24] Ali Green: "To the best of my knowledge, the organisation itself is still active, and the person who experimented on and tortured Sarris is still alive."

[22:24:06] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Although with the portal closed we do not know where"

[22:24:23] Gideon Lawrence: "I see. You are not convincing me that the Shogun does not have a point. Despite my recent gratefullness to the unMade. This news does not fill me with anything but concern."

[22:25:23] Ali Green: "There are unMade who are unquestionably enemies who must be destroyed."

[22:25:53] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I am only suggesting targeting those FIRST"

[22:28:14] Gideon Lawrence: "I have not stated my support of the shogun yet. It is still something for consideration"

[22:37:36] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "That is entirely your decision my lord. But if there were someone with the Shogun's ear who could promote campaigns against those that are immediate threats that would be better for ever Sann."

[22:38:01] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Mearly a point for you and your fellow clan leaders to consider"

[22:39:13] Ali Green: "Fighting Melnissia is also less likely to result all of the unMade uniting against us."

[22:40:24] Gideon Lawrence: "I find myself swayed, but know this: once i give my loyalty to the shogun. I will do my best to sway the shogun, but i will follow his orders to the letter"

[22:45:59] Ali Green: "I understand."

[22:50:10] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Thanks my lord"

[22:54:46] Gideon Lawrence: He stands & bows

[22:55:38] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): Kaji returns the bow, deeper due to the leader's rank

[22:55:51] Ali Green: "Thankyou for speaking with us, my lord." Setuna stands, and bows.

[22:56:08] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "Thank you also for the sustenance my lord."

[22:57:10] Gideon Lawrence: "It is my pleasure, i do not know what the future will hold, but i will do my best to help you. Though i fear you have pitted my clan against you & the other free clans"

[22:59:30] Ali Green: "All we can do is what we think is right, and if that brings us against one another, then we must hope that right makes might."

[23:00:11] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I would speak with my clan's leadership, but I am uncertain if they would receive me at this moment."

[23:01:33] Ali Green: "For all of us, it would be best if we can stand together, but if that is possible or not, I expect we will find out for sure before long."

[23:02:51] Gideon Lawrence: "That split has already been made by the shogun. Though ironically you echo his stance while standing against it"

[23:06:03] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): "I argue for unity between the clans - it is in the specific battle targets of that united force that my thinking differs from the Shogun's. He is painting with a wide brush, where as I prefer a narrower and more precise stroke."

[23:07:16] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): With that he bows again deeply. "We should be on our way. May we have permission to depart my lord."

[23:09:02] Gideon Lawrence: "Of course. I must bring my sword to the feet of the lord shogun & lay my clan to his will. I hope that i can grow close enough to him to sway him"

[23:09:44] Ali Green: "I hope so. I wish you the best."

[23:09:49] Gideon Lawrence: "Go in peace & may we meet again in honour" he stands, bows & returns to his tent.

[23:10:23] Ali Green: With that, Setsuna returns the bow.

[23:11:26] Andrew Cooper ( Blue dragon ): Kaji held the bow throughout this last few bits of conversation. He rises and leaves, backing out of the room rather than turning his back on the clan leader.

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