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Fudge the fallen
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There he was sat eating his meal with shako and Ishin at the clan of he Red Hawks Table when there came an unsettling within him. Showing no emotion he vowed to meditate on this later and enjoy the hospitality of his host. The feeling lingered at the back of his mind for the rest of the evening though it was not seen even by Ishin, at the end of the meal he bade them goodnight and in his lodgings sort out inner peace by meditating it was not that simple. SLEEP this would help him to rebalance and focus on the main task so he fell in to a deeply troubled sleep. One face blurred holding a glaive with a red sash he charging her down as he was sent to do only for her to take him down then finish him with a blow to the head making the abyss swallow him. He was then plagued by images of her standing over him laughing at him, mocking him and disgracing him "this I all the ronin of the elemental serpents have no wonder your Lord took his own life" all the time all he was fixed upon was the red sash. He awoke with a bellow of rage the was shame he was feeling and he would not stand for this a clean kimono was hung up on the wall ready for him in the morning he approached it and felt the silk it was dark so discerning the colour was impossible this as fortunate as if t was red, the anger began to rise within him again, he sat down to try to meditate this rage away
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