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The blood runs from the house of the Beast in rivers. 

An insurgence group coupled with the assault from the three houses leave the House of the Beast gutted....

However, they do what a House is meant to do and fought to the bitter end. 

Those that survive are dragged to the Emporers chambers, no one knows what the Emporer says to them, but they leave to pass on the message that the Emporer has confirmed the land is to be used for a monastery. 

His bitter laughter is heard spilling from the throne room as the door swings open and shut over the survivors.

They carry there meager belongings back to the land that has been designated for the monastery. There fate now monastic. 

The House of the Vine takes the land around and starts moving people on immediatly. Those slaves they have captured are either inpregnated with the Vine or mulched immediatly depending on the needs of the House.

The House of the Petty Penny are everywhere, there slim fingers finding treasure in all maner of places. 

The dead lie in piles until night fall. Flies buzzing around them. Until slaves arrive to carry them into the dark dank halls of the House of the Barrow. Miles of lines of corpses dragged into the dark... The bodies include a huge... spiked, clawed, beast....

The lands are open. Dark. The terrors of this land awaiting the decision of whom will be the new Abbot of this fresh monastery.

The House of the Beast is no more. There fate mearly a mention in the dark and bloody history of Melnisia.

The Emporer smiles. 

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