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Delphi Lunaria,

You have completed your time as an initiate of the Abbey of the Rainbow Vale.

You have dwelt amoung us. for your alloted time, and have learned well the lessons we would teach.

Your time with us comes to an end.

In return for our service I charge you a new duty.

The land which once belonged to The House of Beast shall now be put to good use.

Upon it, at the place where The Beast fell, you are to construct an Abbey.

The Celestial Abbey.

Until such a time comes when you are pleased that it can stand alone, without you, I Name you it's Paladin. You are to be the Champion of the Celestial Abbey. To guard it, against any who threaten. To build it, not just from wood and stone, but in number and knowledge. 

The Celestial Abbey shall be a place of learning. 

It shall exist to pass on knoweldge of The Other Worlds, of their cultures and customs, of their ways and their weapons. 

Recruit others to your cause, those from other worlds who seek to learn, in turn, of ours.

Let those who dwell within the halls record their knowledge that others, in days to come, may learn from their writings.

Above all provide this service so that all may learn the lesson of The Beast.

With this task I charge you.

With this the debt is paid.


The Abbott, of the Abbey at Rainbow Vale

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