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Lady Jeanette returned from setting her lands to rights with a step that lead the two yeomen she had instructed to travel with her almost running.

When she reached the small cottage she was staying at, she swung the door open so hard that it caused Lady Sinclair to jump from her embroidery.


Calming down and half laughing Lady Sinclair knelt to gather her thread. “My dear, whatever has got into you? You have a ….”


She never finished.


Lady Jeanette stormed towards the fire and completely ignoring the armoured man who was looking taken aback by the fire pored herself some tisane from the pot on the fire and rounded back on Lady Sinclair.


“Do you know what those idiotic jackanapes have decided to do this time? They have only gone and fired up all the idiots to some ridiculous 'Crusade'. I understand that Sir Gregor is hurting, but this isn't the answer, its just a bunch of men with....” Lady Jeanette suddenly realised, that Lady Sinclair was sitting sipping tisane with one hand while steadily pointing with the to the left of Lady Jeanette with the other. “what?”


Broken of her flow Lady Jeanette suddenly focused on the shocked and bemused young man practically next to her. Her voice dripped sarcasm.


“Sir Roderick 'Lance' Lamesby, to what do I owe the pleasure after all this time?”


Sir Roderick has the decency to look ashamed. “My Lady, I was misinformed of your politics. It was put about that you had broken bread with Sir Rupert and after he took my lands I lost faith. I am ashamed to say I took to banditry. My Lady, (he takes the knee head bowed) can you forgive me?”


Lady Jeanette sighs, looks thoughtful for a moment and sits into the chair by the fire. “No”


Both Sir Roderick and Lady Sinclair's heads swing towards her and he sputters in consternation.


She smiles, “No Sir Roderick, this time you are going to have to earn it. Take a seat.”


He smiles “Well my Lady I will happily take my men and join the Crusade to gain succour from the Church and show my willingness to amend my ways.”


Lady Jeanette, grins. “Oh I'll let you join the Crusade, however, first you must show me the weapon you think most suits my temperament and show me how to use it. I'm coming with you. You can earn your much needed redemption keeping me safe.”


Sir Roderick jumps to his feet and Lady Sinclair stairs at her in stunned silence.


“My Lady, you cant, this will be dangerous and who will look after you la....”


Lady Jeanette matches him, her face in his. “You Sir, will be silent. You forget yourself. I am Lady Jeanette, I personally dragged my husband back from hell, I have seen violence and death and watched the ones I love stumble because I was to bound by convention to do something about it. Lady Delphi carries a sword and is a leader of men, I count among my ancestors the empress Matilda. If wearing armour and taking up the shield is good enough for the women of our northern cousins, then it is good enough for me and if you think for a moment that I shall sit at home and fret again, then Sir you are much mistaken.

Sir Gregor is an old friend but he is letting loss lead him into danger and putting him at odds with friends of mine. I WILL raise a force and I WILL join him and hopefully temper this ridiculous vendetta he has taken on himself.”


Sir Roderick slumped back into his seat “But my Lady, your not a knight, you have no voice on a council of war.”


She stands above him, quite for a moment. “Then you shall refer to me as Paladin. It seems fitting, I am defending the faith from blood on its hands after all. I'll make a donation to the church, that should smooth Bishop Williams worries. Lady Sinclair, will you be so kind as to look after my lands?”


Lady Sinclair nods her acquiescence, a look of confusion on her face.


“Good, now, I feel much better, Sir Roderick, would you like to stay for lunch? We have some planning to do... and in the afternoon I think we shall start with the mace... that has always struck me as a weapon designed to temper one's frustration.”


Drawn into the orbit of her fierce determination the other two do not see the worry and desperation to turn angry men from desperate causes ending with the death of dear strange people she has come to consider friends.

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