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Fudge the fallen
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The church was empty when he entered walking, straight to the altar he placed his weapons on the closest bench and approached. He slumped to his knees chainmial jingling as he did blood still dried into the links, "father upon high forgive me for I have sinned, today I have spilled the blood of innocents, though they were unable to control their actions and I acted in my own defence with harmful intent" The door open and the local priest entered surprised to see the armed figure praying "It was part of some ritual to a dark one, the parts of the ritual were accidentally completed by me and my companions and we almost completed the whole ritual" " please lord I pray forgiveness for the doctor, Setsuna, Darius, Dukie, the maiden who accompanied us and myself if there is a way to expunge the sins make it be known for I shall endeavour to cleanse my sins and those of the others following the example of your son Amen"
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He kneels next to you and puts his arm around you, an old parish priest, calm and fulfilled in his position. 

"My son, the death of people in the actions of war are a dark stain on our soul, but a man that asks for forgiveness is already on the path of peace" 

He gives you a friendly smile

"Let us lower our heads, and tell me of these companions that are so absent from church so that we can turn the Lords eye to them and bring our blessings close".

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Fudge the fallen
Posts: 12
I only remember a few and though there was a sense of fellowship there was also distrust and disunity, Darius though a great warrior wears a dark soul of corruption with ease laughing at the path of abstinence till wedlock, killing with apparent ease regardless of the mark upon his soul, he jested that he burnt a priest for his sins to cleanse them, and how is this right? Setsunna is honourable though again kills with apparent ease regardless of the consequences. Dukie and the elfin woman follow similar paths though she understands the mistakes prayed not for forgiveness
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