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There are rumours abound about Thomas the bargainer.

They say that he has finished his current asignment and also there are strong rumours that he has retained the First Contract of the thrice. 

However, the rumours get stranger. 

They say that he is calling in favours. That the Bargainer is preparing to strike into the Christian Kingdom. 

Rumours abound that he is going to get his apprentice back. 

The why's are even more interesting. 

Some say that he has his word to keep, that as a bargeiner his word is more important than his life. 

Some say that she is his natural daughter and he kept it secret to keep her safe. 

Some that she is the kidnapped child of a powerful house that he was keeping for leverage. 

Whatever the case, Thomas the Bargainer is preparing for war, blatantly to the point that the Kings Companies and Blackthorne are on hight alert. 

Woeh betide if anything has happened to her in the undead infested nunnery.

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Hansel Wong
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Sounds like the perfect recipe for trouble. Or as I like to call it; A vacation in the sun.

Besides, Bob; the Sorcerer's Bane is a catchy addition to my resume. Bob the Bargain Maker sounds smoother, though, but that's life.

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