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Most Abundant and grandoise of Masters,

I your most humble servant have found time to begin my report. It has been a trying time.

Firsty, oh most exuberent masters, I wish to make you aware that we have been labouring under a missaprehension: though some Houses have suggested it, it has not been fully understood: these slavekin believe that they are as good as us. They have there own slaves. They keep their own lands, they have their own laws.

However, they are merely flesh and blood. In my travels so far, I have met those with unfetted talents, but there is little to no skill, they are considered mad or dangerous.

They have no understanding, one tried to sell us as a wage for vengeance. Understandable, however it was poorly conceived and now the little Lordling twists in the winds by his own ligaments.

A proper reminder of the price of failure.

I continue my travels oh most veiled masters and will report to you as I discover things.

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