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Ok people,

With a month to go, we have to get some stuff sorted out.

This event is going to be in November, there are various places to stay and that has expanded slightly, so I am going to need to change the sleeping quarters a bit.

Food: is being dealt with by Adam Aurelian Rush for £10 and if you want to get in on his fine assortment of tasties then I suggest payment in advance (If you want to go forward with that, and make a note that it is about the food.

Going back to sleeping: make sure you have a WARM sleeping bag and/or blankets. Make sure you are off the ground, air beds aren't great, but they are better than nothing.

Make sure if you bring light that is IC and not glaring.

If you want to stay warm a bag of coal may not go amiss for the heaters in the yurts. (On that note, make sure they are out before you leave the yurts!!)

Warm clothes and a change of clothes are ESSENTIAL, good boots, hand covering and/or warmers.

towels, wash kit etc.

If you bring IC light make sure it is subtle and not blinding, electric lights are not your friend. Also, it is sensible to have OOC light.

If you can, let me know what character you are playing in advance, this will allow us to balance the game (and sort story cards), if you are crewing: the crew chat has started, if you are not on it: LET ME KNOW!

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I am really looking forward to this, I hope you are to!

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