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So, we have had the last day event of 2016 (and it wsa a humdinger!), this means that from January onwards we will be using the new rules.

The stages go like this:

1 - We formally launch the new rules.

2 - At the same time we strip the SR list.

3 - From that point to the 6th we will allow people to send in their characters under the new rules.

4 - After the 6th we finish any tweeks, any characters after that will be considered new.

During the last day event, it was commented on that if we had been playing under the new rules, two of the characters on the event would have died. This teaches us that balanced parties are going to have to be much more carefully considered (and also that we as refs may want to tone down the amount of bombs we throw at people stuck in swamps...)

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Hello people, the 2nd edition is now up!

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