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Hey folks a last few checks:

- Make sure you know the site is Wyldewood of Huntley Wood

- Make sure you have checked the directions on the website, as they show how to get to the site directly (unlike satnavs etc.)

- Make sure you have sorted food (and something to eat it off)

- Make sure you have bed and bedding

- Light would be a good idea (not direct led light though)

- Wash kit and towels

- Have you sorted what you are eating? Do you have something IC to eat off? (If possible)

- Got costume? Change of costume? Warm costume!

- Have you checked your SR:

- Also, you can catch up with the NPC's and plot here:

- Lastly, I have had very few downtimes in from people before the event. We are doing the safety chat at 6 and hope to be started by 7, so I may not have a chance to do it on the day unless you arrive well before that.


We will be on the road from 8am tomorrow, if you have any questions my number is: 07852107649


Thanks folks, I'll see you there!

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