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Dave the clueless
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In the lands of Jarl Jeagerson within the northern realms of crusade the people are waking from their beds to a cold and misty morning.

As the sun rises and the mist begins to lift some of the villagers see at the harbour a large warship emerge. Its oars are manned by large, bearded warriors. Shields line the rails and its sail furled.


However at the posts bow and stern have had their beasts heads removed from their mounting pegs and a lone warrior stands unarmed at the bow holding a holly branch.



I am Sir Richard DeGaunt, slayer of foes and thrower of dead bodies!

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The Jarl strides out to meet you, his Gothi by his side and a wry look on his face.

"Jarl" he laughs up at you! "Come off your ship! You dispence drama like a green skald! There is mead in the long house and peace in my hall!" He grins mischieviously "Be not affeared. Loki is but one of the many gods I worship!"

Though he is ebulant to see you and motions you vigorously to his long house, the Gothi's face is thunder and he watches you like a hawk as you are shown under the lintle to the Jarl's hall.

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Dave the clueless
Posts: 30

"Jarl it is good to see you again.  My entrance was a bit dramatic but I was unsure how welcome I would be"  Uhtred stops and places a hand on the Jarls shoulder.
"Please believe me when I say I did not know it was your warriors I faced.  My men and I did much battle that day and you know the confusion brought from a fight"
Uhtred reaches into a poach at his side.  Pulling an ornate arm ring from within.
"Whilst this will not replace the dead from that day I hope this small gift will go some way as recompence"

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