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A viking war band brought into Anchor (much to the consternation of the locals). After an evening of ...enjoyment... at the tavern they dissapear through the Melnisian Portal.

The sound of screaming, running and hacking can be clearly heard through the portal, followed by the cheers of victory..... though the larger portion of the warband continues on deeper into the dark and terrible terrain of Melnisia...

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...And promptly falls back.

The portal crackles, the lightning catchers frazzle and burst.

Dark glyphs sear around the portal and a chorus of screaming voices give praise to dark lords as the Portal to Melnisia turns black and viscous.

A few battered vikings, wounded and broken make it back out.

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The responce from Anchor is swift: men come through the Portal dragging barrels fuses trailing.

As the battered vikings drag themselves through a thundering explosion closes the portal to melnisia permanently....

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Hansel Wong
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Bob Basic looked up from his goat's milk, eyeing the one Viking who had asked him why he did not drink ale and laughed when Bob explained that he has kept away from spirits after an encounter with some of Gate's trickier denizens.

Now, as that same Viking limped back into the tavern, Bob downed his drink and began sorting out some transport to his lab. After all, Bob was a surgeon in spirit if not the letter, and sometimes ... Well ...

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