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A debt has been called in.

The House of Glass and Nails has waited patiently, reordeing and massaging their losses.

Their list of enemies is long, but the House of the Beast are gone, the House of the Vine stands as ever aloof.

They have been left to grow quitely and to consider their vengeance carefully. The order from the Emporer has never been forgotten "Conquer the other worlds. Or be destroyed in the attempt."

However, they are immortal and a few years of quite planning has done nothing but wet the eager edge of their power.

Now, with the help of a minor house there is a portal to a place called Anchor and it is theirs. Their vanguard has been discovered but in its first actions has been successful.

And the house is moving, swaying with the beat of drums as it brings its considerable might to bear on the tiny upstarts that block its path.

Fate is a slave to the will of Melnisia and fate is stalking its mortal prey.

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And the upstarts run, the vanguard of the house roars with victory and charges the portal where all that stands between them are some workmen and some barrells.....

A match drops.....

Something makes the Paladin leading the charge blink in consternation and he throws himself behind a tree...

As a the barrells roar themselves... throwing iron nails and something that glimmers like silver into the area like knives.

Some survive ducking behind shields, but great beast protected by magic are ripped to pieces as if the spells of defence meant nothing.

As the smoke clears what is left of the portal smoulders... a ruin of twisted copper and cracked stone.

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