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Hey folks,

There seems to be some confusion about what we mean by downtime and upkeep in Forest Argent. So I thought I would go over it here for people so that they can have a think.

What is upkeep?

Your social rank is your standing in society, it is a measure of how well you are doing and what is expected of you. As such you have to invest in keeping up appearances.

At the end of each event you may pay your Social Rank in resources to keep your Social Rank at the level it was as the start of the day (So if you have a Social Rank of three, three resources must be spent to fulfil your Upkeep).

Should you fail to do this, your Social Rank will fall by 1.

What If I get to 0 Social Rank?

At that point you are a martyr to society, you cannot be part of a "Group" you cannot vote people up or down at the end of games, and if you have a Homestead: you can no longer gain resources from it.

Voting? You said voting?

At the end of each event day, if you have one or more Social Rank, you can vote people up or down thus effecting their Social Rank positivly or negatively.

What is Downtime?

Downtime is the mechanical measure of what a character can do between games, anyone can travel, chat on the forums, trade with people (as long as they have access to the world they want to trade with) but there are certain things that we consider to be time consuming and thus there are rules to cover that: such things as using skills, putting together a force to invade others, concentrating on trade needs are all time consuming and covered by these rules.

So how many actions can I take in a Downtime?

You can do one of the following:

Production: You can see to your buisness arrangements if you have a Production Homestead, allowing you to gain your Social Rank in resources from it.

Use a Skill: You can use one of your skills, allowing you to do things with that skill in downtime until you pull a failure.

Assault: you can gather a fighting force, how big that force is depends on your Social Rank and success is a bidding war, with you only able to bid up to twice your Social Rank.

What if I want to do more than one thing?

You may pay either Crew Credit or XP to use another downtime between games and you gain between 1 and 4 free downtimes depending on how many days in the event.

Over View:

The Timeline of DownTimes

1. You arrive at the event and have as many Produce as you are entitled to.

2. At any point in the day may pay off your social rank (you cannot pay in advance) and you must pay it at the rate you started the event.

3. After the event Characters make their social rank votes up or down.

4. Once they know that, then they can make decisions based on their revised Social Rank.

5. DownTimes are then detailed before the next day event (so social rank will drop if you haven't paid your upkeep, new SR will take effect for getting resources etc.)


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Thank you for this! It's a nice overview and once I manage to actually get it INTO MY BRAIN, it'll be a very handy guide for me to refer back to for sure. 


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