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-Posters begin to appear in taverns, on billboards and sent to many households.- AVAILABLE FOR HIRE:BOUNTY HUNTER Have you been wronged and want the villain brought to rights? Are you searching for someone who would rather remain hidden? Want to recover stolen property? Bounty hunter available for all your needs. Service guaranteed to be efficient, thorough and above all conducted with utmost discretion. Specialises in sniping and capturing targets alive for you to do as you see fit with. "no job is too hard or target too gaurded" B. Von Faust -address listed below-
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A message is sent to the noted address stating the following.

On behalf of Darius Kane and guaranteed by the Bank of Anchor, please take note of the following available bounties.


300 Gold

For the confirmed death of the Emperor of Melnisia


150 Gold

For the confirmed capture of the Lorian political terrorist know as the Red Jester who has threatened to blow up government buildings. To be delivered to the military authorities of Anchor in Crusade. (Accessible via portal)


(Chee) Darius Kane of the Furious Penetrator- Do you know who I am?!

The legend of Needle-dick will forever live on- Sesuna

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