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The local lordlings are keeping a sharp eye on what’s going on. The players killed a bunch of people involved with something called the Knights Council, who were a group of local landowners who banded together to try and deal with the people from other worlds traveling to theirs.

The only ones of them left is Sir Gregor, who is congenial but bitter man who’s only child was killed by Darius Kane. Lady Jeannette, who is a feisty lady who at one point dragged her husband back from the dead (which is what started the zombies rising as it happened), and has reigned in Sir Gregors more bloody dreams of vengeance. They are keeping a very careful eye on this village of interlopers.

Father Rudolf (sometimes known is Bishop Rudolf) is a gregarious and strict priest who inherited much of the land from the dead knights. He does not suffer fools gladly, and has been known to merely beet people with a stick if they annoy him. He will not be quite about immoral behaviour; slavery, torture, murder, he won’t back down about these things.

The Great Jarl is a person from Viking heritage who lives out on a series of islands, his people raid, trade and expand their holdings. With the general break down in law and order in the knights Councils lands they are happily kicking up trouble in an attempt to weaken everyone. This has been exasperated by the players convincing them that Loki is on earth and well… “fear not, Loki is but one of the God’s we worship”.

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Update: Father Rudolf is on tender hooks and is doing his best to stop riots after various rumours of murder and torture.His efforts are curtailed somewhat by the fact one of his own holdings was assaulted during a recent skirmish.

The Great Jarl is moving folks up with clear intention of trying his luck with taking more land.

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