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Escaped slaves are becoming a real issue for the Melnisians, with the most movement in the houses in centuries and support from some of the monasteries slaves are legitimately escaping. Rumour has it that the emperor is deeply displeased.

The Emperor has given the task of conquering the worlds back to the House of Glass and Nails and they are using their influence to gather other Houses around them.

The players raided a Melnisian monastery that was also a cage for a powerful cabal of demons, the players released them, and now they are stalking Melnisia, getting revenge for their millennial capture, some of them can grant wishes, harvesting souls, some are just murderous animals.

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The House of Glass and Nails has lost an important slave and even more importantly a portal to Crusade due to a murder.

The House of Tranistions has taken a blow with the assault of one of its True Bloods.

In addition, V'Jel of the House of Transitions has split with his parents and his house, declared himself Emporer.

An assault of Demons was sent to the Barrows of the Barrow Born... and silence has fallen over those tunnels...

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