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Dear all,

Regarding fire safety, we would like to set out a few ground rules for future events.

If you are considering doing anything with fire beyond a few candles/lanterns, barbecues in their containers or bonfires in designated spaces, please speak to Gideon or committee before the day of the event. An example of this would be fire poi, fire-eating, etc. We need to ensure we have adequate safety precautions (water, sand, etc) in place should anything go wrong, that such activities are carried out in a specific space that won't cause damage to buildings, woodland, etc, and that people are sufficiently away from the activity (a lot of costume and props can be highly flammable).


With campfires/bonfires, someone needs to remain with it at all times and being absolutely certain that it is out before it is left. Ditto for barbecues.


With anything else, such as fire shows, they must be confirmed with the organisers prior to the event under specified circumstances (in a specific locaiton, with suitable precautions in place). Please DO NOT just turn up with it unless you have discussed it with committee beforehand.

If you are at all uncertain, please do approach committee (Gideon Lawrence, myself, Ryan (treasurer), Tracy (Southampton Rep) and Coel (Exeter Rep)) to discuss your plans.


Sasha McLellan: musician, storyteller, mental-asylum escapee, runaway, wanderer.

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