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James Embleton
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Another empty bottle smashed against the wall as it was thrown. The wall's assailant, a gangly man wearing a dirty lab coat with a face covered in fresh scars quickly reached for another bottle of whiskey and took a swig. 

Francis Newton Stein had been prone to foul mood swings for a very long time. His second truest friend (second only to his wife) had been taken from him and it had not been returned. Almost a year had passed since he last heard from the one known as Tad Cooper and frankly he was reaching the end of his tether. He could feel it coming, soon the mists would take him again and he would be ready to take back his property. He would be ready to reclaim his friend and steer them back onto the righteous path of science. 

It was then he heard a knock at his door. Upon opening it he found a rather plain looking woman, pretty in her own way, standing there. She also wore a lab coat but hers was much cleaner and even beared a name badge reading 'Dr Stein'. She smiled as she handed him a sword within a sheath "It's been sharpened as I requested dear." she told him with soft words and a smile "We can't have you galavanting off into adventure with faulty equipment now can we? Especially if that gun of yours jams.". Francis had no reply but a sheepish smile, she was as usual correct that his equipment needed better maintanance much like his asylum that was beginning to fall into a bit of disrepair.

Once Stein's better half had left he began to set about preparing his things. If the mists wouldn't take him then he'd go and rescue his friend without their help, he's the great doctor stein, healer of those presumed impossible to heal. There's nothing he can't accomplish if he sets his mind to it.

And if Tad won't come back willingly? Well there are always treatments for such insanity...


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Doctor Francis Newton Stein: Just a chap with medical skills... who runs an asylum.

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