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Free city is a name that to most Melnisians is almost a joke for it is well known that midnight is not truly the neutral zone it claims to be and actually a large and powerful house all in itself. Within the city and its surrounding areas it is perpetually night and considering that the city itself is a sprawling mess it is only fitting that it can easily be one of the most dangerous places for the unwary melnisian to visit. And in that is where its seduction lies, for the immortal backstabbers of melnisia it is a den of excitement where one never knows where the daggers hide in the dark.


The city itself is far from a lawless state however, it is built upwards in a tiered format with only the lowest, underground tiers proving to be truly dangerous dens of cutthroats and murderous beasts. The higher you go the more the local sects of the syndicate enforce the laws of the city and clamp down swiftly, and fatally, on any overtly dangerous behaviour. That isn't to say that it's safe however, for like anywhere a well placed assassination will likely earn applause rather than disgust but only if its execution is perfect. Having a servant knife someone at a dinner party is simply bad manners however once that party is over and they've retired to their quarters? Well what better time to catch a rival off guard.


Midnight is marketed as being a city removed from political alliances and power struggles and as a place for houses to meet without either being able to muster armies to crush one another lest they risk becoming the latest torture victims for the syndicates fleshshapers.




Midnight is built upon tiers and a heavy class system, the lower classes live underground in sprawling tunnel networks and caverns and it is here that the outcasts and rogues often come to live, after all without a house thriving in Melnisia is difficult and at least here you can carve out a living by being the strongest or most cunning and not simply by being in the right house.


Higher tiers are more civilised and policed by the many Sects that operate within Midnight, at the top are the noble tiers which are reserved for only the most important of houses. The uppermost tier is the palace which holds the duke or duchess of the city, ruler of Midnight and second only to the Emperor within its walls.


The middlemost tier is on ground level and by far the most populated, it is also here that the grand arena is housed, a massive colloseum that prides itself in showcasing gladiators with exotic fighting styles of other worlds facing off against one another or great beasts crafted by the fleshshapers or captured from other worlds. The most popular matches are those that showcase captured Sann as the alien nature of these races prove far different from anything most Melnisians have experienced.


Sects & the syndicate


Sects are part crime-family, part military of Midnight and part political power, together they form the syndicate, the ruling conglomeration of all the Sects within midnight. They are like mini houses within Midnight but all report directly to the duke/duchess. They function almost identically to houses using slaves as the chaff with half blood and true blood warriors making up the elites and commanders of the syndicates. Each is also ruled by an Overseer, identical in power to a houses lord within the city though many houses view them as not true lords and simply pests with delusions of grandeur though most are forced to respect a Sects power as making yourself an open enemy of a sect means risking drawing the attention or irritation of midnights syndicate as a whole however each Sect is held to a similar scrutiny, if they earn enemies through stupidity they will find themselves without any support when a house comes for their head.


Ruling parties:


Midnight is currently ruled by Duchess L'avella Veldan, an incredibly cunning and ruthless ruler infamous for her political scheming and backstabbings. She is young by Melnisian standards and attained power by managing to convince over half of the Sects to stage a coup against the last Duke. Since taking command however she has been sure to keep her sects watched at all times and is quick to dispose of any individuals showing the same lack of loyalty that caused the last Duke to lose his life. This fear helps to keep most of the Sects in line as any showing of disloyalty could cause them to meet a swift, and excruciatingly painful end.


A hub of commerce:


As a neutral city Midnight swiftly developed into a hub of commerce with many houses sending traders to buy and sell on their behalf, it also has proved popular with mercenaries looking for work as the great level of tourism the city sees means that there are a lot of potential new customers for hired swords.


(Written by James Embleton)

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