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(After day event write up) It had rained in the morning but the sun is up and the chill in the air is burning off. It glistens on the scales of the Saris, the spear tips of the weytin guards, the jewels that the harrib have plated into their hair. But most importantly on the hooked and spiked head of the Hanging Strike. The two clans, the Golden Stork & Hunting Stork watch as it is walked between them before being presented to the Damo of the Hunting Stork. They hold it a second. Locking eyes with the Damo of the Golden Stork before stridently striking upwards. "I am the Damo of the Hunting Stork. I wish for the power of the Hanging Strike to enforce my claim to the river that divides our lands!" There is a moment of quite as everyone watches the Hanging Strike blazes into power... then stutters out. The collective happy sigh from the Weytin is not lost on anyone. The two Damos gaze at each other a moment. Then bow deeply. Who would have thought the unMade would bring peace? From this a new accord a new clan will flourish. The clan of the River Stork.
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