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My name is Jerome Tavere,The Marquise of Baltiar some of you may have heard of me, some have probably laughed. 

The idea of worlds beyone ours, that spiral under strange skies. 

And I am sure many of you are worried, the news must have reached you by now: Emperor Nap O'Leon has escaped Elba. His forces are moving with great swiftness.

And you fear war, the uncaring cannon ball, the damning sabour. The fear that a person with a different voice, in strange clothes may take from you what is yours. 

Well, that is already happening, But not from the Emperor. 

If you look out from the Capitol you would expect to see the lights flickering from my home, situated on the hills in the west. 

But its gone. 

I write this at the table of a rather nice tavern 

My childhood home has been talen from me with the speed that tyrants are known for. A blood soaked alien from another world took it on a whim.  

Nap O'Leon means you no harm, but the incursions and violence that the goverments of this world are turning a blind eye to are a danger that must be dealt with 

We all know the situation, where it is the poor and simple worker being effected why would these goverments, kings and queens bat an eyelid. 

But Nap O'Leon has always fought for you, for law to keep you safe, and pay that raises you from poverty. And now your safety. 

Do not quake, but be hopeful, Nap O'Leon raises his forces for your freedom. 

And I am sure mine will be swiftly constrained by our glorious goverment that did nothing to save my home, or revenge the dead of the last ten years, 

Viv Le Emperor 

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