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Posted in newspapers:-

Can anyone provide information on either of the objects above?

It seems to have been taken from a group of Fey who REALLY want it back.

Perhaps you know where it was taken from or by who? Any information greatly received.

Delphinium Lunaria - Estates of Lunaria.

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The strange beast like people surround it, tasting it, then take it to there Boshi.

His hands clench with joy as he reads it and he stands so quickly his bushi reach for there weapons.

"Bring me my weapons and armour, the stain on the clan will be cleansed.

The dishonour of our best being felled will be met with cunning, we will ride until we find this "Estates of Lunaria" and then hold this one captive until the gutless warriors who bested us come for her. 

Then... we shall kill them. Slowly. Every,,,single... one, from there "Bishop" to there "Bushi".

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The scouts are sent out, loping woodland creatures that carry spears and wide hats, tracking close to the ground. 

Following back the rout the newspaper rider took to get to them. Looking at the strange start of the tracks in the middle of nowhere. 

Working it out, finding the gate....

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