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Posted in newspapers:-

Can anyone provide information on either of the objects above?

It seems to have been taken from a group of Fey who REALLY want it back.

Perhaps you know where it was taken from or by who? Any information greatly received.

Delphinium Lunaria - Estates of Lunaria.

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Lord Markus stairs at the paper a small frown on his face.

"Gerald, was this not one of those interesting travellers I hired to talk to that foreigner on my borders?"

Gerald leans over, squinting at the writing that sits by miracle in straight lines over the paper there forward scouts found in the traveling tree's.

"I believe it is Sir Markus, shall I send out messengers? If so what shall they say?"

"Well, trade has been going well with that Sann creature. Send them out with the message following: "My Lady Lunaria, we know nothing alas of a "Star Sone" or a "Murder Stone" (and we hope feverently that this last is not as black a matter as it sounds). 

However, any help that we can provide, my house will gladly provide in recompence for the service you saw fit to provide me with.

Yours in God

Sir Markus of the Oaks"

The scouts are out in less than an hour, with a rider putting spurs to the horse to leave word with the Clan of the Gull.

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The messenger arrives and is shown to Delphi's living quarters, while he waits for her to be found he is offered refreshments and some sort of strange fruit cake. Delphi excitedly enters the room, leaving a trail of mud and leaves behind her. She is happy to see the messenger with some tea and fruit cake and tells him she made the cake herself with things from her garden.

The messenger who has been eyeing the fruitcake suspiciously, dutifully takes a bite and quickly swallow's before the very odd taste is fully released, he nods appreciatively, while grabbing at the tea and swallowing the far too hot drink, burning his mouth and throat.

He reaches to his bag and hands Delphi the letter, she turns her back to him to read and he quickly secretes the rest of the fruit cake away in a pocket. Delphi asks the messenger to wait for a reply and leaves the room to write the following.

“Lord Markus,

Thank you very much for your words. Sir I am afraid that this matter is very dark indeed and a life will be lost to the Fey every day until these items are returned to them.

If you are able to find any information on either of these objects, then it would be gratefully received.


Delphinium Lunaria”

The letter is handed to the messenger, who has been staring at the strange collection of flying creatures and pressed plants and flowers on the walls, he quickly bids farewell and is shown the door.

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*Note* This is happening in Lorian and only on here as it pertains to the Crusaders.

The messenger, drawing, his old fashioned cloack around him and rides for the avalonian coast.

Drawing confused glances as he rides in truly old fashioned style clothing.

The trail of dust he leaves behind is the last you see of him.

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Two days later he rides, horse foaming into Lord Markus's court yard. 

He skips of the horse still shaking and throwing of the guards, ignoring protocol he storms into Lord Markus's solar and falls to his knee's.

"Lord protect me Sir, but the things I have seen."

Lord Markus raises him up and seats him by the fire. "Tell me, everything, What has driven you to this?"

"My Lord" He takes a deep breath,

"The things I have seen, as requested, I went to Lady Delphi's estate, through the forest of Troll's. I followed those of the long coats and red coats and I came into.... a world... there where men and women in strange clothes... huge mashines, strange buildings that spewed smoke...."

He breathes beeply

"The lady was glad of your offer and sends her regards... but My Lord... I think I was followed... the red coats my Lord. They shot hot balls after me, and chases me as I came through, I think I lost them.. but they know of us My Lord"

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The Lord Markus's men spread out into the woods, helping the children and families to escape from the Red Coats that spill into there lands.

Slowly other Lords begin to notice the incursion, moving to support Lord Markus or draw away to consollidate there own forces.

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