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For the first time in many years, it would seem that it is necersary to have a meeting of the Houses.


The UnMade are a problem that even the most stoic accepts must now be addressed and also there is the issue of the Valle of the Broken.

The guards have failed, several groups of the urMade have escaped into the wider world. Seemingly with the help of the unMade. 

Some call for retaliation, others for peaceful study. There is talk of raising a shogun, of calling the Last to judge the unMade. 

In a little tea house on the borders of the White Gull lands, there Boshi sits drinking tea with the owner.

"So, you think you could accomidate us?"

"Yes, Boshi"


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In the south west, deep in the dark forrest along side a wide and long river stands the settlemant of To'Bichi Dor'MaisVuut. With in its cloistered walls Kais Khan Jitau Farkun awaited his superior. The Ossan had decided that his Enclacve needed knowladge of the outside world.

This decion came with the report of a meeting of the new ones and the Ossan had tasked the Kai'Kais of the To'Bichi to send one of their number to attend.

And now Kais Khan Jitau Falkun would be one of those chosen to explore the world that the Aun Kai'Vlume had left behind. A world that had been ocupied anew by cousins of their own kindred.


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