Forest Argent 
Enactment & LARP

If you are willing to step 
Widdershins around the old oak...


The Crusaders are Dark Age to medieval humans who have got lost during that period of history and found themselves in the Forest Argent.

The people are based on the period during which the Crusades are based rather than merely the people involved in the Crusades.

They actually live in the Forest, so they have the most experience with the strange nature of time and travel, simply accepting that a journey that took five minutes one day, may take a week the next.

They have a variety of styles, though predominantly mid medieval and the period of the Crusades, there are Saxons, Huguenots and even Samurai from that period.

At the time of writing this, little is known about their current culture or rulers, their main towns or cities or even if their intentions to the new travellers in the Forest Argent is peaceful. For all anyone knows, they may not have shown their hand as they are gearing for war, to clear the interlopers from their new home. Alternatively, with the mercurial nature of the Forest, they may not even know that the Forest is open and that new travellers are meandering their way through it.  

Races: Humans of a variety of cultures.

Costume Requirements: Medieval

Inspiration: Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, Cadfael, A Tournament of Murders and the history of the period in general.

Important People and Geography

The Knights Council: A group of Knights who have come together to decide on a response to the strange people who have come into there world, specifically those who have attacked them. There lands are a group of communities roughly in the same area and bordering on smaller homesteads and bandit country. Unfortunately most of them are now dead, the only ones who are now left are:

 Sir Gregor: Once on the council and a moderate voice he is now a bitter man, his son killed,  he accepted the churches warning against war and settled for a weregeld. He now broods about the decision and tries to live with it, but his temper is far shorter than it used  to be. 

Lady Jeannette: Is the wife of the late Sir Michael, she is a driven feet on the ground lady who will go to any lengths for the people she loves. At the moment she is dedicated to trying to keep the piece but not at the cost of losing the law and order that her part of Crusade enjoys.

 Father Rudolf: A strict, but fair,  and influential man in the local church, some even call him Bishop or Abbot. He has been known to provide an education and succor for those that have been left homeless and he has inherited a great deal of land after the death of several of the Knights formerly of the council.

The Northern Hearths: A loose association of Viking/Saxon/Etc. tribes who live in the North and raid outward, extending their power and drawing more communities into the fold.

The Great Jarl: Is the Lord of the Northern Hearths, he is a charismatic leader who is both fearless in battle and cunning in trade. He honestly cares for his people and that includes executing dangerous people without a qualm. He is not afraid of a fight, and expects his people to jump in fist first as well. 

Anchor: A Lorian experiment, this is a town of trade that has Portals to every world except Melnisia (due to Melnisias continual attempts to take over Crusade and any other world they can). Father Rudolf has a church here, a bank resides here, as well as gardens and workshops. It is surrounded by what is left of the Knights Councils land and the wastes left by a zombie incursion a few years ago into which both bandits and explorers have begun to travel. It has a reputation within Crusade for being full of violence, slavers and iniquity.