Forest Argent 
Enactment & LARP

If you are willing to step 
Widdershins around the old oak...

The Sann are a selection of people who have been built by “creators”. They know this, they are aware of their position in the world. That they were built for a war. A war that has never happened and now, their creators have left, leaving them to their own devices.

This has left the three peoples to develop their own culture, one that has a great deal in common with the Orient. Including the concept of Samurai and the following of Bushido. It is unclear if that was instilled in them by their creators or something they have grown into that simply happens to have strange parallels.

For the purposes of culture and politeness they take a lot from the Orient, not just Japan, but the Mongols, China, etc. For costume long robes, wide conical straw hats, sandals, etc. are standard.

Costume Requirements: Full masks, oriental clothing, except for the Harrib, who are furred and almost goblinoid in greens and browns.

Races: Sarris (Stone, bird and lizard merged), Waytin, (Large and ogre like), Harrib (Tribal and goblinoid)

Places and People of Note

The Temple of the First: This is the only place that has been strongly described within Sann so far, it is a Temple dedicated to a select group of Sarris over seen by Waytin who sleep until called to administer justice. How they know when they are needed is still a mystery, but at least one has already woken and that begs the question of if others will follow.

The Forest of the Urmade: Not everything the creators made came out correctly the first time, there are those things that the Sarris have made that where not built correctly or the Weytin & Harrib occasionally give birth to children that do not meet the standard the creators have set out. These are left in the forest of the Urmade, guarded by the Clans and Houses on a rota. No one may go in or out.

Black Hawk Clan: A large and powerful clan, they decided to raise their Daimyo to the place of all powerful warlord: Shogun. However, that fell apart and the Shogun was killed with much dishonor to their clan, since then they have spent much of their time licking their wounds.

The Golden Lotus: A large and powerful clan, they make use of their Weytin as shock troops who are given great honour. They also engage heavily in trade.

 The Black Scorpion:  With more than the usual number of Harrib, the clan has a reputation for being duplicitous and cunning. A reputation that was born out when they broke faith the Shogun suddenly. They also control the small trading post with the Portal that leads to Anchor so they have access to items from other worlds.

The Stygian Bull: The honour of stopping any of the Made going in or out of the Vale of the urMade belongs to the Stygian Bull. Almost monastic in their dedication sometimes other clans send troubled or dishonored members of their clan to enforce the guard.

The Monastery of Worlds: Set within the Vale of the urMade is the only monastic sect that studies the unMade. As such it is looked at with a certain amount of confusion at best by the rest of the Made. It also causes slight problems for the Stygian Bull as the Monks have been known to slip in and out of the Vale.

Politeness & Etiquette (Note these are generalities)

Be deferential, you never know who the other person is; make sure that you are in the right by always assuming the other is higher status.

Bow, to everyone, if you think they are substantially more important than you, kowtow.

Don’t carry a weapon, unless you are high enough status to do so, trust in your lord and the Samurai.

Don’t shout, it is extremely rude.

Do not interrupt, especially your betters.

Accept your lot, even death; to work for betterment is one thing, to rail against fate is pointless.

Do not touch people, even the dead, it’s rude and unhygienic. Only the lowest orders or people who have stepped outside the caste system such as holy men of the Creators may touch the dead.

Stay clean, as much as possible, change to eat, wash when you can; to be dirty is to show disrespect for yourself.

Never question yourself, or others, the assumption is that you are correct, or how could you lead? The assumption is they are correct or why would they talk? To directly question them, questions that which leads to dissent.

If someone insists on being loud and impolite, ignore them.