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Forest Argent

Forest Argent is a system all about exploration, its about a game world in which you are an active participant in building it. We have given an overview of each of the worlds that make up the Forest Argent and you can then click the link at the bottom to find out more

So this world keeps growing and it grows in the way that you ask it to. Of course we ask players to send there ideas to us first, because who knows what other ideas have already been requested that you might be about to find out?

So, several years ago, the players wandered into the Forest Argent and found there where other worlds... some with technology... some with magic.... the repercussions of that can still be felt and you could be part of its future.

A Quick Overview of the Forest

The Forest Argent takes its inspiration from such things as The Forest Argent of Arthurian tale; quite directly from the forest in The Magicians Nephew or the strange Fey forests where turning the wrong corner can lead you to somewhere completely different.

From the perspective of the players and NPCs the Forest Argent only became available at the start point when the first event was planned (So May 2011 real world). For some of the races involved (The Melnisians, certain Fey) they remember a time when the Forest Argent was available before in a limited way, but depending on the game world you came from, it was hundreds, or thousands of years ago.

The Forest is incredibly difficult to get to if you are TRYING but certain people seem to fall into it with depressing frequency, why these people are chosen is a mystery. Maybe they are just lucky?

Space and time in the Forest Argent is rather fluid, days and years can pass differently between the worlds attached to it and travel does not always take the same amount of time.

The only people who actively live in the Forest Argent are the Crusaders, who are people from Dark Age to the medieval people who got lost; there are also rumours of monsters. Strange beasts that meander through the Forest with strange purposes and unknowable agendas.


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The Strayed

In the 12th to 15th century, there were several gateways to the Forest Argent, mostly in the Holy Land and the great woods that covered Europe. Over the years, various groups have slipped through; adventurers, travellers, people in search of adventure. 

They have begun to make a home for themselves, build and create as they have in the past, finding no way back, and most of the people seeming to be European; they have named the place New Avalon, though it is still rather divisive as to whether the travellers have found themselves in heaven or hell or some other strange place.

For more, click here: The Strayed


They come from a dark land, where the shadows are long, and the sun is large and dying.  
The Melnisians know why, when they turn their strange eyes and pale faces to the sky they see a force of nature that they have tapped again and again, the humans that live in this land know fear, a slave race to their strange pointed-ear masters.


Where countries stand shoulde-to-shoulder with companies of artisans and dreamers. The flintlock is the weapon of choice, second only to the nobles “sky blades” harnessing galvanic force to pierce armour and lay low their enemies and the great Steam-driven mechanoids clash with the hoary power of the Golems.  The Kings and Lords of the world hold most of the power… most.


In a country of oak trees and slow-creeping industry, a land called England, but where the fey are not quite forgotten, there are places where things touch. The fey live in a place through a gate, in a wall that crumbles. Every now and again, they hold fairs, inviting the mortals to join them, helping human sorcerers or changelings left with humans to access their abilities. The fey know about the forest: once in a while they escape to the Argent if wanted for crimes or for political reasons, and sometimes humans tumble in with them.


An entire world were the people where built, grown etc. they know it.
Their entire society is geared towards a war that has never happened. Some continue that dream, working for the “great creators”, some wish to escape and build their own future.
The Sann are split into three races: The Sarris, stone, bird and lizard, merge to make infantry that was designed to be carried to the fray. The Waytin are huge ogreish omnivores of great physical strength but pacifistic nature, designed to carry and to look after the Sarris; not all of them continue with this slave-like mentality, Lastly the strange Harrib, almost goblin-like, they are males who answer to a single female. Brown, animalistic and often furred.


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